Thursday, February 15, 2007

Obama on Coal

From Senator Obama's Website:

Increasing the Clean Use of Illinois Coal
Senator Obama worked with Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) to secure $85 million for research into a process that will turn Illinois-basin coal into clean-burning fuel for cars and trucks (Fischer-Tropsch fuels). Coal fuel has powered all of South Africa's cars and trucks for the last 50 years. The research could help us one day satisfy our energy needs from Illinois' coal mines instead of Saudi Arabia's oil fields.
"The American coal community applauds the leadership of Senators Bunning and Obama. . . America's coal reserves . . . can be utilized to provide ultra-clean transportation fuels for our armed forces, airlines and anyone interested in spending less at the pump to fill-up their vehicle. . . . Americans must take steps now to make greater use of our most abundant and affordable domestic source of energy: coal. This legislation is a big step in that direction."
-Kraig R. Naasz , President and CEO, National Mining Association